Store Review: Volare Concept Store


The brand designer Franco Yeung created Volare Concept in December 2008.At the beginning of his career, he works mainly in leather material producing bags as a collection.Then he start to develop his ideas in different area such as ladies shoes, small leather and silver products. Volare is not just a local design brand, it is launched in Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Russia,Singapore, Canada, China and also in Taiwan. For now, the future plan for Volare is to get into the Europe market.


“Extend your wings” is the tag line of Volare, and it is also a special idea behind to Franco. “Volare” is an Italian word meaning fly. The logo is designed by Franco ‘s brother, the capital letter V for Volare with a side of wing. This means that he wants his brand to fly in front of the trend by it own style and lead the way.


Wooden colour tone uses a lot in ornament in the store, giving customer the feeling of natural and matches all his leatherwork in visual. Franco is also into vintage style that can tell by the minor decorations like wall lamp and furniture. The store provided a friendly, comfort and warm environment.

This store is worth to visit because the products are highly produced. And also it provides a nice atmosphere to customers. So go and experience that now! 🙂




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