Leather Workshop Visit: Alri Workshop



Alri leather workshop was started by Alvin Wong in 2010 and the store grand opened in 2012.

Alvin is aiming that though the workshop the public can get to know more and notice more on leather handmade products. To him, handmade leatherwork is not only for fashion appeal, it is memorable and valuable works with love.


To popularize the skills of leather making is a target of Alvin.  He went thought all the detail about the differences of leather, the texture, the thickness, the common uses and the advantages of them in the workshop. Also he is willing to share his own experience on leather making to his students. Alvin leads them from nothing then step by step to produce their unique products. A tutor who has passion brings a great and friendly learning environment.

Except passing on the skills, Alvin creates his own design and makes selling products in the workshop. There are different types of work for example shoes, bags, accessories, camera bags, purses, and even leather dolls. Looking at all the works, it is so incredible that a piece of leather material can turn into such a nice product.

Alvin Wong: ”Leather gives people special perception than other materials. It is strong, can stand the test of time and also represent a different lifestyle and character to the person who uses it.”


Flat D 4/F Wing Hing Lee Ind Bldg ,
32 Hung To Road,
Kwun Tong,KL


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