Accessories Design Project

Hi guys! I am going to share with you my first accessories designs experience:)

The aim of the project is to use different material and try to form unique style and outlook bringing in new elements into the accessory. I intended to make a jewellery collection including a neck jewellery, head decoration, and a ring in a set for Christmas, as it is a joyful and  universal celebrating festival. To mention about Christmas, what came up in your head? Well, Santa, Christmas trees, decorations, gifts, family and… WINTER! The most fabulous scene in Christmas will definitely be snowing, so the idea of Snowflake appear in my mind. Snowflake are one of the interesting form of nature, it can be in pentagon, hexagon or any multiple shapes. I love the shinning reflection by the tiny sharpen angles in it when the light shine on the surface, which I looked at researches on snow structures then to develop it into my own designs.

For the colour tone, I have chosen the colour White as it is the perfect colour to represent snowflake and bring in a pure, simple and clean feeling in jewellery. Also by using white and diamond sparkling material can make the designs more elegant and fine.

For material, I used plastic cable ties as the main body to build the outlook of snowflake.Then I applied twisted fine iron wire to revolve around to show the reflection of light and complex structure within the snowflake. Lastly, I put pearls and diamond decorations in the design to give it more shinny, also to imitate the atmosphere of melting snow.

In evolution, I did lots of test pieces to see which form and position is the most suitable for my designs, made mistakes, improved it and finally brought the work to a better level. Moreover I found that sharp angles decorations than round ones because it fits more with the theme and came out better in visual. This was my first time to try and work on accessories, I had so much fun and learnt a lot during the working processes. 









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