Fashion Accessories Design Project: Eyewear

Fashion Accessorise Design Project: EyewearImage

Project Introduction: Fashion Accessory Design

The aim for this project is to design eyewear as fashion accessories. The Masks from the traditional Masquerade ball inspired my idea. Eyewear has a further feature of covering selves from being seen by the others. Masks are for faces covering to avoid other’s sight. And there is a similarity between the concepts behind a mask and an eyewear. Therefore, I will take the elegant design of the mask to combine with an eyewear as fashion accessories.


ImageImageInspiration: The Masquerade ball

Masquerade ball for other meaning, Masked Ball, is an event that the participants attend in costume

wearing a mask. They were a feature of the Carnival season in 15th century in France.

The Mask

The Venetian masquerade mask was established by 1436, it became recognised with their own guild. There are two methods of Venetian mask maker to make the traditional masks for the carnival. The primary was to use of paper mache, with glue to form shapes of the masks. This creates the traditional ‘mask-on-the-stick’ disguise, covering the eyes and that was typical wears of women revelers. The second method is to use clay to form desired shape then to paint on top, adding feathers, glass beads and pearls for decoration.

The Rationale

I love the shape and curves of the traditional Venetian mask. There are sexy and mystery brought to the wearer, also it looks dainty and elegant. My design is to take the lines and curves into the eyewear and bring in a lace like textiles by crafting the patterns on. The idea is to build up two to three layers to cover half section of wearers’ eyes, represent and perform the concept of hiding selves from others.



The Process Design Development

The design is mainly with Fine Wooden material. As to craft and smooth its details, fine wooden board is the easiest material to handle. Also, this is a light material for eyewear; it brings more comfily for wearer. Moreover, wooden material can be print, spray or dye. Other tools uses will be a crafting knife cutting the designed shapes out of the board, and then spraying glue to manage the sections go together. Also sandpaper which can smooth around the edges and details.

Colour and Tone

The tone is designed in bronze colour. This colour can bring in a grand element to the eyewear. More than that, to apply oxidizing agent on top to oxidize the copper surface can make looks more classic as the mask itself is from tradition. The method to paint the colour will be easy and quick, and workable on this project.


There are couple things I could improve in further development. For instance, the wooden material is not highly density enough to craft in fine details, and the details came out not as well as the original design. Also the control on oxidize colour can be improved. Overall, I am please with the final production.


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