Fashion Design Project: The Garden


“The Garden”

Take a deep breathe in the fresh garden, surrounded by the nature. Step back, relax and to feel.

The intention of this project is to combine fashion garment with 3D from, explore and develop concepts. Fashion can be seen as a trend including color, texture or aesthetic perception, it is about the whole styling from head to toes expressing own characters. 3D form is to do with structures, contrast, vision, it can see as whole and also partly. The optical illusion effect can be very shocking especially in artwork. My design is based on a dress focusing on the main body as a sculpture, create 3D forms with layers and using color tones as visual contrast. In another words, it is an art sculpture with elements of fashion and 3D Form.


About The Garden
There full of vitality in the garden, with greens and flourishing blossom. Garden reflects the life force of nature, spring up all over the place. My concept behind the theme ‘Garden’ wanting to spread the message of relaxes and feel the natural world that people forgotten. In the modern society, fame and profit gradually become everyone’s first priority. Working pressure, bustling lifestyle and hidden emotion eroded lives. The Garden is to remind the importance of relaxing and being in the nature, bringing up the fact how people used to love being in the nature and enjoy the natural environment, pass the message of feeling and love the beautiful surrounding.

Through this year, I studied the Hippies culture and I would like to take elements bring out close to natural and freedom perception. And also my idea is linked to the Japanese Origami techniques preforming with an extra cultural art form. The dress is build by pieces of leaf shaped layers. It is designed as a sculpture, played around with the curves and forms. Every leaf shaped layers in free formed, from round to long. Put together the bumpy forms can looks extra prominent and 3D in visual, also the layers combined can create optical illusion effect. There are negative spaces on the side and in the back, which look like leaf covering up the body in free form naturally. Lastly, by putting a few layers that extend to different direction makes it looks growing flowers.


Using flower pattered material can fully represent the rich of garden, the blossom and vitality. Red, turquoise and brown tones are used mainly, each of them reflects living from the garden. The red color is the blossom flowers, richly colored the room. For turquoise, spring rain on livings providing moisture. And brown, this earthen color tone is the soil supply for all. In visual, the three-color tones can form a great combination, which contrast to each other but also can be seen as one. To produce leaf shaped layers, it stands out more than used in green tone, given a better visual impact to audience.


I am very pleased with the final outcome, the visual impact created nicely and eye-catching. It is a playful style design, it come out as a sculptural than a gown, which is my basic idea through the project. For improvement, I would say the control of materials, because the thicknesses of cloths are hard to handle, more than that each cloths have different textures, so it needed to be test and experiment till the desirable shape for my design. Lastly, I will learn from this fashion designing experience and bring it on to next year.


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