Knit Wear Inspiration Accessory



After a couple lessons on knit wear, it was fun and useful. Learnt the technique on hand-made knit wear and the machine made process, the material, knitting wool, is far more difficult to handle than others, as it in string like shape, there are certain method to go with it, which would not allow single step of mistakes. I found that the crossing structure of knitting is very interesting that could possible create something more, therefore I tried to hand-made a head ornament with the crossing patterns by wool in several colour tone.

My idea was based on coral in the sea, they formed funny shape and together as one, the visual impact is perfect. Coral are colourful, lively and attractive. Firstly I used a iron wire netting to form the whole structure, then twist into detailed shape, afterwards use the technique from knitting on surface. Finally, it is ready to present:)


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