Internship In Vivian Luk Atelier


Weekly Journal

Week One (16/12 – 21/12)

This is the first week to work as an internship in Vivian Luk Atelier. We started off with managing the yarns and rearranged the cloth material both in order of the color tones. Then we looked at some potential gauze material for the wedding gown designs. And also, we helped cutting out the bodice of few gowns. Few customers have been in fitting section this week and we played the role in customers’ services, to serve them in their needs.

Week Two (23/12, 27/12)

In the second week, we helped to cut out some bodice again. Then we are off to Sham Shui Po to pick up materials the design Vivian ordered, such as fabrics, horsehair and zippers.  In the halfway, we have chosen and bought her some sparkle and glitter beads for decoration of the surface on the gowns. Before the designer has her trip to Europe, we helped to color in several samples of material thread embroideries orders. Customers came in for second fitting and made changes, our job is to greet and served them during the fitting sections.

Week Three (30/12, 3/1)

Our job duties for this week are to go through and laminate Vivian’s marketing press. Then, we helped to organize and tidied up a bit in the showroom stock. Then, we cut out some lace-patterned ornamental and placed them nicely in the showing-table. More than that, I was told to draw a quick sketch of a mannequin with measurement to trading company, ordering some new mannequin with extra features.







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