Internship In Vivian Luk Atelier 2

Weekly Journal


Week Four (6/1 – 11/1)

In the fourth week, we have been to the bank to help Vivian put in few cheques for fabric and delivery companies.  Then I helped to finish up several embroidery-ordering forms, put in the techniques, instructions and details of beads and style. And this week there is a new task for me, which is embroidery design drawing. I started with the basic shape of Vivian’s designs, then to expend the design compositions in different shapes of chosen beads. Vivian got to decide whether the design can be approved or not, if not I got to make changes on arrangement of the beads, then to compose a new idea for her. Furthermore, I organized the art display board in the bridal gown room, which I put in new materials and cloth samples to fill it full in a stylish way.

Week Five (13/1 – 18/1)

After a week of embroidery drawing, Vivian was appreciated with my drawings, so I got more of them to work on. In the fifth week, I was able to develop designs in my own idea. Firstly, Vivian discussed with me the style and size she wanted and then I tried to create new ideas for her.  Some of them were good to her, so I continued the project with embroidery orders on paper works and sent to factories in India. The paper works included to count the exact number of beads used, the size, code and style of beads, and lastly to make sure the beads in-house were enough for supply.

Week Six (20/1 – 25/1)

I have the exact duties as last week with embroidery design, and also tested out the visual look of some beads ornamental by pinned them on the mannequin. Expect that, I helped to cut out large amount of small lace pieces in red and dirty pink that would be use as decoration on a middle-length skirt and a evening gown. And I have ironed bridal gowns for customer fitting section. On the last day of internship, we were off to Sham Shiu Po again to pick up cloths, other orders of materials and bought extra zippers for spares.







Personal Comment

The associates from Vivian Luk Atelier, including the designer Vivian, are very nice and welcoming. The atmosphere of workshop is relaxing and clean. I had a very lovely time during this six weeks internship.

However, in my opinion the only thing I get to see is the working process of an in-house team with two ladies and how the designer works daily. As I am a FDSP student, I would love to explore more in the field like to help in a show, communicate with models or organize props, perhaps be a part of fashion shooting. I will be thankful for the chance of working as an internship in Vivian Luk Atelier, but I have learned that I do love promotional and advertising job more personally, and I would love to go out and meet different people. I really wanted to be passionate, fun and excitement in my job. Therefore, I think I will go for position like working in production house or larger company in the future.



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