Internship In Vivian Luk Atelier 2

Weekly Journal Week Four (6/1 – 11/1) In the fourth week, we have been to the bank to help Vivian put in few cheques for fabric and delivery companies.  Then I helped to finish up several embroidery-ordering forms, put in the techniques, instructions and details of beads and style. And this week there is a […]

Internship In Vivian Luk Atelier

Weekly Journal Week One (16/12 – 21/12) This is the first week to work as an internship in Vivian Luk Atelier. We started off with managing the yarns and rearranged the cloth material both in order of the color tones. Then we looked at some potential gauze material for the wedding gown designs. And also, […]

Vivian Luk Atelier

Vivian Luk Atelier Company Overview An intimate atelier that allows clients to work closely with the designer and her in-house team to create the perfect customized gown that reflects her individuality. Vivian Luk, a fashion designer formerly from an international Design House in New York City has returned home to Asia to create her own […]

Knit Wear Inspiration Accessory

  After a couple lessons on knit wear, it was fun and useful. Learnt the technique on hand-made knit wear and the machine made process, the material, knitting wool, is far more difficult to handle than others, as it in string like shape, there are certain method to go with it, which would not allow […]

Fashion Design Project: The Garden

“The Garden” Take a deep breathe in the fresh garden, surrounded by the nature. Step back, relax and to feel. Introduction The intention of this project is to combine fashion garment with 3D from, explore and develop concepts. Fashion can be seen as a trend including color, texture or aesthetic perception, it is about the […]

Hippie Inspired Fashion Designs

Hippie Outfits for Paris Fashion Week 2013(Saint Laurent’s Ladies of the Canyon) This the hippie outfits collection for Paris Fashion Week 2013, at Dior by the fashion designer Raf Simon. The outfits are rich in hippie structures, the design of skinny tailoring reminiscent of Dior Homme’s work. Also silk leather jeans and tuxedo jackets are very outstanding in […]

Fashion Accessories Design Project: Eyewear

Fashion Accessorise Design Project: Eyewear Project Introduction: Fashion Accessory Design The aim for this project is to design eyewear as fashion accessories. The Masks from the traditional Masquerade ball inspired my idea. Eyewear has a further feature of covering selves from being seen by the others. Masks are for faces covering to avoid other’s sight. And there is a […]

Accessories Design Project

Hi guys! I am going to share with you my first accessories designs experience:) The aim of the project is to use different material and try to form unique style and outlook bringing in new elements into the accessory. I intended to make a jewellery collection including a neck jewellery, head decoration, and a ring in […]

Subculture: The Hippies

In the mid-1960s a youth movement arose in United States. Then it slowly turn into a revolution that inherited from African American cultural, it quickly spread to other countries around the world… The subculture: Hippies. To Hippies, the middle-class society is construct with materialism and repression, which makes them wanted to set wide apart from […]

Leather Workshop Visit: Alri Workshop

      Alri leather workshop was started by Alvin Wong in 2010 and the store grand opened in 2012. Alvin is aiming that though the workshop the public can get to know more and notice more on leather handmade products. To him, handmade leatherwork is not only for fashion appeal, it is memorable and valuable […]