Internship In Vivian Luk Atelier 2

Weekly Journal


Week Four (6/1 – 11/1)

In the fourth week, we have been to the bank to help Vivian put in few cheques for fabric and delivery companies.  Then I helped to finish up several embroidery-ordering forms, put in the techniques, instructions and details of beads and style. And this week there is a new task for me, which is embroidery design drawing. I started with the basic shape of Vivian’s designs, then to expend the design compositions in different shapes of chosen beads. Vivian got to decide whether the design can be approved or not, if not I got to make changes on arrangement of the beads, then to compose a new idea for her. Furthermore, I organized the art display board in the bridal gown room, which I put in new materials and cloth samples to fill it full in a stylish way.

Week Five (13/1 – 18/1)

After a week of embroidery drawing, Vivian was appreciated with my drawings, so I got more of them to work on. In the fifth week, I was able to develop designs in my own idea. Firstly, Vivian discussed with me the style and size she wanted and then I tried to create new ideas for her.  Some of them were good to her, so I continued the project with embroidery orders on paper works and sent to factories in India. The paper works included to count the exact number of beads used, the size, code and style of beads, and lastly to make sure the beads in-house were enough for supply.

Week Six (20/1 – 25/1)

I have the exact duties as last week with embroidery design, and also tested out the visual look of some beads ornamental by pinned them on the mannequin. Expect that, I helped to cut out large amount of small lace pieces in red and dirty pink that would be use as decoration on a middle-length skirt and a evening gown. And I have ironed bridal gowns for customer fitting section. On the last day of internship, we were off to Sham Shiu Po again to pick up cloths, other orders of materials and bought extra zippers for spares.







Personal Comment

The associates from Vivian Luk Atelier, including the designer Vivian, are very nice and welcoming. The atmosphere of workshop is relaxing and clean. I had a very lovely time during this six weeks internship.

However, in my opinion the only thing I get to see is the working process of an in-house team with two ladies and how the designer works daily. As I am a FDSP student, I would love to explore more in the field like to help in a show, communicate with models or organize props, perhaps be a part of fashion shooting. I will be thankful for the chance of working as an internship in Vivian Luk Atelier, but I have learned that I do love promotional and advertising job more personally, and I would love to go out and meet different people. I really wanted to be passionate, fun and excitement in my job. Therefore, I think I will go for position like working in production house or larger company in the future.



Internship In Vivian Luk Atelier


Weekly Journal

Week One (16/12 – 21/12)

This is the first week to work as an internship in Vivian Luk Atelier. We started off with managing the yarns and rearranged the cloth material both in order of the color tones. Then we looked at some potential gauze material for the wedding gown designs. And also, we helped cutting out the bodice of few gowns. Few customers have been in fitting section this week and we played the role in customers’ services, to serve them in their needs.

Week Two (23/12, 27/12)

In the second week, we helped to cut out some bodice again. Then we are off to Sham Shui Po to pick up materials the design Vivian ordered, such as fabrics, horsehair and zippers.  In the halfway, we have chosen and bought her some sparkle and glitter beads for decoration of the surface on the gowns. Before the designer has her trip to Europe, we helped to color in several samples of material thread embroideries orders. Customers came in for second fitting and made changes, our job is to greet and served them during the fitting sections.

Week Three (30/12, 3/1)

Our job duties for this week are to go through and laminate Vivian’s marketing press. Then, we helped to organize and tidied up a bit in the showroom stock. Then, we cut out some lace-patterned ornamental and placed them nicely in the showing-table. More than that, I was told to draw a quick sketch of a mannequin with measurement to trading company, ordering some new mannequin with extra features.






Vivian Luk Atelier

Vivian Luk Atelier


Company Overview
An intimate atelier that allows clients to work closely with the designer and her in-house team to create the perfect customized gown that reflects her individuality.

Vivian Luk, a fashion designer formerly from an international Design House in New York City has returned home to Asia to create her own collection of exquisite Bridal and Evening gowns. Graduated with honors from both Parsons School of Design and Fashion Institute of Technology, Vivian landed a dream job; directly working with the Queen of Bridal – Vera Wang.

Vivian is now in Hong Kong and with her passion designing for the red carpet she opened her own workshop, making special pieces for individuals who appreciate a bespoke experience.


The Workshop

Vivian Luk Atelier located in Happy Valley from G/F to 1/F with several rooms, including the Show Room, the Designer Workshop, the Bridal Gowns Room (the fitting room), the Make-To-Order Room, the Tailoring room, the Material Room and the kitchen.



The Company

The company operates with a head designer and owner, Vivian Luk. There are two sewists ladies Maggie and Annie and one part-time tailor who is an aunt of Vivian help to cut out fabrics in paper pattern. The company also hired a regular cleaner for weekly clean up, so basically that is all of the staff of the in-house team.  The company style is mainly work for higher-classed celebrities of evening gowns or wedding dresses, with Vivian’s unique designs of layering and twisted patterning on garments that create fantasy figures from fairytales for ladies. The atmosphere of the workshop is quite, relaxing and decorated as a natural environment like forest.

The clients are mostly celebrities or high-class ladies, so they usually have booking with Vivian herself then come to our workshop for the first meeting. Then, the second booking will be a basic form of gown fitting. And further, will be the semi-final or final fitting. The process depends on the needs of customers or changes they would like to make.

Mezzanine, 13-15 Yik Yam Street
Happy Valley
Hong Kong

Knit Wear Inspiration Accessory



After a couple lessons on knit wear, it was fun and useful. Learnt the technique on hand-made knit wear and the machine made process, the material, knitting wool, is far more difficult to handle than others, as it in string like shape, there are certain method to go with it, which would not allow single step of mistakes. I found that the crossing structure of knitting is very interesting that could possible create something more, therefore I tried to hand-made a head ornament with the crossing patterns by wool in several colour tone.

My idea was based on coral in the sea, they formed funny shape and together as one, the visual impact is perfect. Coral are colourful, lively and attractive. Firstly I used a iron wire netting to form the whole structure, then twist into detailed shape, afterwards use the technique from knitting on surface. Finally, it is ready to present:)

Fashion Design Project: The Garden


“The Garden”

Take a deep breathe in the fresh garden, surrounded by the nature. Step back, relax and to feel.

The intention of this project is to combine fashion garment with 3D from, explore and develop concepts. Fashion can be seen as a trend including color, texture or aesthetic perception, it is about the whole styling from head to toes expressing own characters. 3D form is to do with structures, contrast, vision, it can see as whole and also partly. The optical illusion effect can be very shocking especially in artwork. My design is based on a dress focusing on the main body as a sculpture, create 3D forms with layers and using color tones as visual contrast. In another words, it is an art sculpture with elements of fashion and 3D Form.


About The Garden
There full of vitality in the garden, with greens and flourishing blossom. Garden reflects the life force of nature, spring up all over the place. My concept behind the theme ‘Garden’ wanting to spread the message of relaxes and feel the natural world that people forgotten. In the modern society, fame and profit gradually become everyone’s first priority. Working pressure, bustling lifestyle and hidden emotion eroded lives. The Garden is to remind the importance of relaxing and being in the nature, bringing up the fact how people used to love being in the nature and enjoy the natural environment, pass the message of feeling and love the beautiful surrounding.

Through this year, I studied the Hippies culture and I would like to take elements bring out close to natural and freedom perception. And also my idea is linked to the Japanese Origami techniques preforming with an extra cultural art form. The dress is build by pieces of leaf shaped layers. It is designed as a sculpture, played around with the curves and forms. Every leaf shaped layers in free formed, from round to long. Put together the bumpy forms can looks extra prominent and 3D in visual, also the layers combined can create optical illusion effect. There are negative spaces on the side and in the back, which look like leaf covering up the body in free form naturally. Lastly, by putting a few layers that extend to different direction makes it looks growing flowers.


Using flower pattered material can fully represent the rich of garden, the blossom and vitality. Red, turquoise and brown tones are used mainly, each of them reflects living from the garden. The red color is the blossom flowers, richly colored the room. For turquoise, spring rain on livings providing moisture. And brown, this earthen color tone is the soil supply for all. In visual, the three-color tones can form a great combination, which contrast to each other but also can be seen as one. To produce leaf shaped layers, it stands out more than used in green tone, given a better visual impact to audience.


I am very pleased with the final outcome, the visual impact created nicely and eye-catching. It is a playful style design, it come out as a sculptural than a gown, which is my basic idea through the project. For improvement, I would say the control of materials, because the thicknesses of cloths are hard to handle, more than that each cloths have different textures, so it needed to be test and experiment till the desirable shape for my design. Lastly, I will learn from this fashion designing experience and bring it on to next year.

Hippie Inspired Fashion Designs

Hippie Outfits for Paris Fashion Week 2013
(Saint Laurent’s Ladies of the Canyon)

This the hippie outfits collection for Paris Fashion Week 2013, at Dior by the fashion designer Raf Simon.



The outfits are rich in hippie structures, the design of skinny tailoring reminiscent of Dior Homme’s work. Also silk leather jeans and tuxedo jackets are very outstanding in the collection. 


Fashion Accessories Design Project: Eyewear

Fashion Accessorise Design Project: EyewearImage

Project Introduction: Fashion Accessory Design

The aim for this project is to design eyewear as fashion accessories. The Masks from the traditional Masquerade ball inspired my idea. Eyewear has a further feature of covering selves from being seen by the others. Masks are for faces covering to avoid other’s sight. And there is a similarity between the concepts behind a mask and an eyewear. Therefore, I will take the elegant design of the mask to combine with an eyewear as fashion accessories.


ImageImageInspiration: The Masquerade ball

Masquerade ball for other meaning, Masked Ball, is an event that the participants attend in costume

wearing a mask. They were a feature of the Carnival season in 15th century in France.

The Mask

The Venetian masquerade mask was established by 1436, it became recognised with their own guild. There are two methods of Venetian mask maker to make the traditional masks for the carnival. The primary was to use of paper mache, with glue to form shapes of the masks. This creates the traditional ‘mask-on-the-stick’ disguise, covering the eyes and that was typical wears of women revelers. The second method is to use clay to form desired shape then to paint on top, adding feathers, glass beads and pearls for decoration.

The Rationale

I love the shape and curves of the traditional Venetian mask. There are sexy and mystery brought to the wearer, also it looks dainty and elegant. My design is to take the lines and curves into the eyewear and bring in a lace like textiles by crafting the patterns on. The idea is to build up two to three layers to cover half section of wearers’ eyes, represent and perform the concept of hiding selves from others.



The Process Design Development

The design is mainly with Fine Wooden material. As to craft and smooth its details, fine wooden board is the easiest material to handle. Also, this is a light material for eyewear; it brings more comfily for wearer. Moreover, wooden material can be print, spray or dye. Other tools uses will be a crafting knife cutting the designed shapes out of the board, and then spraying glue to manage the sections go together. Also sandpaper which can smooth around the edges and details.

Colour and Tone

The tone is designed in bronze colour. This colour can bring in a grand element to the eyewear. More than that, to apply oxidizing agent on top to oxidize the copper surface can make looks more classic as the mask itself is from tradition. The method to paint the colour will be easy and quick, and workable on this project.


There are couple things I could improve in further development. For instance, the wooden material is not highly density enough to craft in fine details, and the details came out not as well as the original design. Also the control on oxidize colour can be improved. Overall, I am please with the final production.

Accessories Design Project

Hi guys! I am going to share with you my first accessories designs experience:)

The aim of the project is to use different material and try to form unique style and outlook bringing in new elements into the accessory. I intended to make a jewellery collection including a neck jewellery, head decoration, and a ring in a set for Christmas, as it is a joyful and  universal celebrating festival. To mention about Christmas, what came up in your head? Well, Santa, Christmas trees, decorations, gifts, family and… WINTER! The most fabulous scene in Christmas will definitely be snowing, so the idea of Snowflake appear in my mind. Snowflake are one of the interesting form of nature, it can be in pentagon, hexagon or any multiple shapes. I love the shinning reflection by the tiny sharpen angles in it when the light shine on the surface, which I looked at researches on snow structures then to develop it into my own designs.

For the colour tone, I have chosen the colour White as it is the perfect colour to represent snowflake and bring in a pure, simple and clean feeling in jewellery. Also by using white and diamond sparkling material can make the designs more elegant and fine.

For material, I used plastic cable ties as the main body to build the outlook of snowflake.Then I applied twisted fine iron wire to revolve around to show the reflection of light and complex structure within the snowflake. Lastly, I put pearls and diamond decorations in the design to give it more shinny, also to imitate the atmosphere of melting snow.

In evolution, I did lots of test pieces to see which form and position is the most suitable for my designs, made mistakes, improved it and finally brought the work to a better level. Moreover I found that sharp angles decorations than round ones because it fits more with the theme and came out better in visual. This was my first time to try and work on accessories, I had so much fun and learnt a lot during the working processes. 








Subculture: The Hippies



In the mid-1960s a youth movement arose in United States. Then it slowly turn into a revolution that inherited from African American cultural, it quickly spread to other countries around the world… The subculture: Hippies.



To Hippies, the middle-class society is construct with materialism and repression, which makes them wanted to set wide apart from it. They had strong believes of anti establishment, disenchanted with traditional society. By developing their own lifestyle distinctively, they want to create a place without violence and hate, but full of love and peace instead. The most popular phrase in the Hippies “Make Love, Not War” and it is the aim they are fighting for. To resist the restriction from the society, they tried to free themselves by actuating open-minded and tolerance thoughts. But then the idea to get into a free world started leads them to open sexual relationships, drugs taking and living in various types of family groups.


Outfit of hippies always includes bright-coloured fabrics with special patterns. Long flared skirts, bell-bottom pants, tie and dye garments, peasant style tops are signature of them. Native American jewelries, colourful scarves, headbands and long beaded necklaces are their favorite ornament to high lighten the look. The hippies usually have long hair, for males, they grew beards and for both male and female wore sandals as footwear. The outlooks reflect that they want the world to know that they are desperate for freedom and everything on them are natural. They live together as one with nature, expressing themselves in their own way. Until now, fashion designers use the garments of real hippies as their inspiration and primary idea, showing the culture on stage.




The Hippies had a major effect on culture. It influenced fashion, music, movies, literature and arts. Folk and rock music plays a huge part in Hippies culture, such as the Beatles, the world known band was identified with the movement. With their popularity, the message of peace from their song spread wide range in America. Also with The Beatles’ appearance, push the Hippies movement even more forward.

I have so much interest in the fashion style of Hippies because it brings a happiness and joyful feeling, also the natural colouring and unusual patterns catches anyone’s eyes. There are lots of interesting elements developed though the culture. Introducing them into fashion would be playful and creative and it could definitely help my insight in fashion designing work.



Leather Workshop Visit: Alri Workshop



Alri leather workshop was started by Alvin Wong in 2010 and the store grand opened in 2012.

Alvin is aiming that though the workshop the public can get to know more and notice more on leather handmade products. To him, handmade leatherwork is not only for fashion appeal, it is memorable and valuable works with love.


To popularize the skills of leather making is a target of Alvin.  He went thought all the detail about the differences of leather, the texture, the thickness, the common uses and the advantages of them in the workshop. Also he is willing to share his own experience on leather making to his students. Alvin leads them from nothing then step by step to produce their unique products. A tutor who has passion brings a great and friendly learning environment.

Except passing on the skills, Alvin creates his own design and makes selling products in the workshop. There are different types of work for example shoes, bags, accessories, camera bags, purses, and even leather dolls. Looking at all the works, it is so incredible that a piece of leather material can turn into such a nice product.

Alvin Wong: ”Leather gives people special perception than other materials. It is strong, can stand the test of time and also represent a different lifestyle and character to the person who uses it.”


Flat D 4/F Wing Hing Lee Ind Bldg ,
32 Hung To Road,
Kwun Tong,KL